Dogs Donut Bed LargeMan’s Best Friend has never had it as good as he does these days. This comfortable, big, fluffy bed with lean-against comfort of all around bolsters. You can pay a lot more for a dogs bed, but even the picky pets will love this one.

It’s made of the finest materials available: a base of heavy duty water proof 300/600 Denier, the Bolster of a durable 7oz. Poly/cotton Twill, the inside with plush faux sheepskin, and stuffed with a Super Premium High Loft Polyester Fiber Fill.

Your dog will be snoozin’ in style with this plush bed that is firm enough for those older dogs that are having arthritic hips.

Also available in Extra-Small, Small, Medium, and Extra-Large as well as a variety of colors to match your pet and décor: Red Black, Blue, Burgundy, Green, Khaki, and Red.

Click here to have yours sent today. Your pet will love you for it!

Yes it's bad and you shouldn't but there's no point owning a dog if it's constantly dicipline and you can't enjoy it.
I have a small dog and a queen sized bed so it's still very comfortable. Imagine having a great dane insisting on joining you :]

My dogs sleep in our bedroom (they are part of our family!), but not in our bed. If they did we would have no room at all!!! You try sharing a bed with a Saint Bernard and a Newfoundland!!! :)

I do have to admit thought, when my husband goes away on business for work I do allow the dogs to sleep with me! And let me tell you… they are the ONLY comfortable ones!!!

My beagle has terrible arthritis. He is getting up there in age. We give him baby asprin, Gulcosamine and Chonjointin (sp) sorry, and a multivitman for senior dogs, he's 16. Do you have any other suggestions for my little friend to help him be more comfortable. He also has an orthopedic bed……geez I know this sounds like Im going over board, but we love him dearly. Thank you..I really would appreciate some more suggestions.
His arthritis is in his hind quaters..Thanks again

Hmmm, my dog is 11 and has arthritis in his left hind-quarters. I suggest Rimadyl, which is an anti-inflammatory drug.

Although most dogs respond well to Rimadyl, it is capable of causing liver toxicity in some animals, and in the early days of introduction there were significant anecdotal reports of sudden animal deaths arising from its use. These risks are minor. However, i DO strongly suggest your dog (because of his age) to take a blood test before taking Rimadyl, purely to monitor his progress through-out the treatment, and/or any malfunctions that should occur at any point.

Rimadyl is a "kind" drug in the sense that your dog will most probably think that it is a daily treat and will willingly gobble it up with pleasure. There is no force involved in getting your dog to take this medication. I have had no problems with my dog (so far!).

Please note that however great this drug may seem, it cannot be taken with other certain drugs at the same time. I recommend having a chat with your Vet to discuss the medication your dog is on now and whether Rimadyl is best or the other drugs he is taking at the moment.

I hope this suggestion helps you further and your dog has a healthy prosperous life on Rimadyl, (if he does take it).

My Pyr does the same thing. I stopped buying beds, he likes the floor just fine:)

I want to make my own no sew dog bed. (The kind where you fringe the edges and tie them together instead of sewing) What is the best fabric to resist hair and tearing?

Canvas or sailcloth are strong, washable and frayable. Perfect for what you want to do and will last virtually forever.
Also to remove dog hair all you have to do with these materials is brush or vacuum them. Hey Presto, it's magic!

I have a pug and he needs a bed, so help me out. PLEASE!He's been sleeping in a crate because he's only 10 weeks old.

go to petsmart or even better try to find a used bassinet mattress and put a pillow case over it with a throw pillow or two , much cheaper and comfortable- plus all u have to do is wash the pillow case n blanket if you add one to clean up – my dogs luv it ( we have to use to crib mattresses because of the size ) good luck

i have a rotty lab mix she is 8 yrs old and about 115 to 130 pounds not over weight she is half german rotty. lately she has been showing signs of aging muzzle starting to grey and limping on occasion, plus after sleeping she has moans a little while getting up. the vet says shes just feeling her age and that her joints are fine, we have recently purchased her an orthopedic bed that’s lifted off the floor. is there anything else we can do to ease her pain? the limping varies from front to back and side to side its never the same leg or the whole front or back and she doesn’t limp and whine everyday.

There is an over the counter drug called glucosamine that many pet owners and humans take for both joint pain and arthritis. It has been known to be a very effective anti-inflammatory natural drug.

Try giving your dog shorter more often walks. Even though they have joint pain cutting out walks can be cause more pain and long walks can do the same. Try giving your dog 2-3, 5-10 min walks a day..Go by what you feel is right for dog.. even try a few trials to figure out what works best.

Ask your vet about water therapy and acupuncture. Both of these have been known to be very helpful and effective for reducing pain. Some areas have a swimming pool dedicated to just animals.

I would like the plans to make the bed on my own. I am a novice woodworker. Thanks

Why can't you just use a people's Murphy bed plan and scale it down. It shouldn't be that hard to do. Just make sure you give your dog room to stretch out ..

If you figure it out let us know!!

I am looking for a dog bed, of smaller size, approx. 20×20, that is chew-proof. I have found some that are made from the Denier Cordura fabric but are all over $65. Are there any good ones that are under $50? I have a little dashund that just loves to chew his bed, and therefore they dont last long. Anyone know where I can get one? Online or in a store?

i would try *gasps* Wal-mart! My dogs, all 3 are major chewers, but i got a mylon bed, x-large, for just under 50, and that was abt 3 years ago

Whats the best way to keep my dogs dog box warm during the winter? Right now I put straw in her box and put a blanket over top of that so shes comfortable. Is this good or should I buy her some kind of dog bed? Any suggestions? Thanks in advance!

You sound pretty much on target with what you already do. If the doghouse has an open door front we would attach like a blanket or burlap feed sack over it so the COLD wind and snow wouldn't blow so directly in fido's face. It's not perfect but it helps and fido will be greatful for any assistance. It also allows them to easily go back and forth to eat and drink and potty. They can use their nose to nudge back in just the same way they learn to come out of their warm bed. Good luck!